ABCpure S&C: Instructional videos LAUNCH

01Jan 18

It’s no secret ABCpure are firm believers in the incorporation of S&C into your training programme not just for re-hab but also pre-hab and performance! [S&C in the Performance Centre]

To ensure you have all been doing the right exercises for your S&C sessions we have been referencing the ABCpure PDF library of exercises to date…….. NOW, we are happy to be adding instructional videos to this, turning the pictures and words into real life so you can check your technique in the execution of these movements.

The videos are organised within ABCpure’s vimeo album (link below) and match the original ABCpure S&C library reference numbers: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 series etc.

ABCpure Vimeo Site

Password: ABCpure123 

As in the PDF’s, the videos also have the progression letters (if applicable), muscle groups, level of difficulty along with supporting key coaching points on screen throughout.

The vimeo link and password will be provided within each of your S&C sessions on either Training Peaks or TrainXhale BUT save it to your favourites so you can access it at any time.

In your training programme the following will be detailed:

> Name and number of the exercise

> How many sets and reps

Any questions , queries or access issues pls let us know. Plus any feedback would be really appreciated and of value to us!

Happy watching and executing.

As a reminder as we know S&C can still be very new to some, as part of the services we offer, Cat can be booked for 121 session(s) to go through the library to ensure the exercises are being performed with the correct technique. A session (60 mins, £50.00) can be done at a location to suit, at ABCpure HQ for example.

Thank you,

Cat and Ben